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Taekwondo Travellers on the move often have to skip training. Our mission is to form a network of Taekwondo Travellers and local clubs. This way travellers do not need to skip training while on the move! Travellers can search our list of registered clubs in their city of destination.
Each one of these clubs is a member of Taekwondo Traveller and will welcome travellers to train during their trip! Addresses and fees are posted on the webpage.

Dr. Salma Michor

Founder of Taekwondo Traveller
Taekwondo career:
  • 5th Dan WTF
  • Taekwondo trainer and referee
  • International referee class 2 for Kyorugi
  • International referee class 3 for Poomse
  • President of the Vienna Taekwondo Federation
  • Member of the Austrian Taekwondo Federation since 1997
  • Member of the Referee Director team of the Austrian TWD Federation since Feb 2012
  • Kyorugi athlete 1992 till 2003, Poomse athlete since 1998
  • Won many bronze, silver and gold medals at national and European events
  • D license trainer (national) 1998
  • C licence Trainer (national), Kukkiwon Master class 3, Kukkiwon Examiner class 3
  • TWD trainer since 1997, Mudokwan Vienna, and Bushido
  • Own club started Jan 2012, Taekwondo Traveller
  • Referee since 1997
  • WTF - International referee license since Oct 2011


DI Dr. Salma Michor, MBA
Schoenbrunnerstrasse 238/2/7
1120 Wien
M +43 699 19521662
E: info@taekwondo-traveller.eu
W: www.taekwondo-traveller.eu

Turkish Open 2017

Turkish Open
As an official ETU sponsor Taekwondo Traveller was present at the Turkish Open Championships in Antalya, Turkey.

Poomse - made easy

An easy to use guide to learn Taekwondo Poomse from the 8th-1st Kup.
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